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Food Forward is a Culinary Planning and Design company that compliments experience with innovation to deliver exceptional results for every project we take on. We care deeply about developing sustainable food strategies and integrating them within an architectural and operational scope. 

We are the liaison between all parties. Working closely with the client/stakeholder, architect, and designer to distill the culinary vision that informs the architectural designs and ensure the operational goals achieve their full potential and financial success. 

We are proud to have been selected to lead culinary programming and designs for several complex projects with clients in Canada, the US, and internationally.


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Business Meeting

Culinary Vision 

Expert Guidance

We believe a successful business starts at the beginning with the foundational pieces that build a roadmap for the future. In today’s rapidly evolving environment, we understand taking bold chances requires making insightful decisions. Our goal is to guide you through every step. 








Integrating Design and Function

Food Forward is the liaison between all parties, the client /stakeholder, designer, and consultants, we work to develop and distill the culinary vision, culinary program, and architectural designs. We take an active role in seeing the project through, supporting individual teams and consultants with the integration of the food and beverage services to ensure the realized experience lives up to the original intent.
In collaboration with architects, designers, contractors, chefs, and suppliers we assist in facilitating, managing, and coordinating all of the moving parts to ensure the build goes according to plan with insightful time-saving decisions and a commitment to functional design.






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Achieve Your Goals

We strive to get your business operating at an optimum level with manageable systems and solutions that help your team maintain a course with a solid foundation and a profitable future.





Restaurant Metrics

Manage Costs, Reduce Expenses, Turn a Profit

In response to our client's needs and challenges, we developed Restaurant Metrics, an online tracking system that manages and ensures your product inventory and menu items align with your specific target margins—implementing the RM tracking system improves efficiencies, net profit, and financial outcomes. 

Clients using our RM System have proven positive results.




What our clients say   




The Food Forward team operates with high professional integrity and knowledge. Working very efficiently in identifying key issues that need attention, assisting our organization as it's grown in design development; working in collaboration with our culinary team and design consultants, enhancing our diverse culinary profile, and helping us with operational and financial efficiencies at our properties (Drake Hotel, Drake One Fifty, and the Drake Commissary). They have been a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend their services to any forward-thinking hospitality operators. —

Bill Simpson Chief Development Officer The Drake Hotel


Information from Restaurant Metrics System and the Food Forward team allowed us to streamline many processes and analyze how to grow our business with strong financial management.
Laléh Larijani — Owner Operator,
Forno Cultura


Food Forward was hired to assist in the design and culinary programming for our new location. Once open, we brought them back to implement Restaurant Metrics. Their Restaurant Metrics system reduced our labor cost and inventory consumption by 10% in just a few weeks. The program has produced such excellent results [that] we work with them on a month-to-month basis.
Seng Luong — Owner Operator,
Sabai Sabai


The Food Forward team was invaluable in shaping our new Hospitality Services Department at Hart House. We have implemented many of their recommendations and seen great results. I would highly recommend their services and expertise in the hospitality field, and they are a delight to work with. Nanci and her team are professional, responsive, and creative problem solvers who worked closely with us to develop the unique approach Hart House required. We continue to work with them for all our hospitality needs.

Sherry Kulman Chief Administrative Officer, Hart House, University of Toronto



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Selected clients and services provided 

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Shopify - Toronto, Vancouver, Berlin

Oversee the culinary program vision and design strategy across Canada and Internationally. Working in collaboration with Shopify's internal culinary teams and external designers in Concept Development, Culinary Programming, Schematic Design, and Design Development. 


The Drake Hotel 

Culinary programming, integration of food production for all Drake outlets. Operational assessment and financial planning.


The Drake Commissary

Culinary Programming, Concept Development, Schematic Design. Production integration of kitchen, bakery, food service counter, and prepared foods. Analysis of operational systems and financial planning.


The Drake One Fifty 

Culinary programming, Menu Development. 

furno logo.png

Forno Cultura - King St, Queen St, The Path, Union Station, and Moca. 

Culinary programming, streamline and integrate all food production between commissaries and Forno Cultura retail outlets. Implement Restaurant Metrics®, develop company structure, and assist in financial planning. 

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PAI Northern Thai Restaurant
Commissary Kitchen, Concept Development, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Food Service Planning. Implement Restaurant Metrics®, and manage monthly RM reporting. 

KIIN Northern Thai Restaurant
Commissary Kitchen, Concept Development, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Food Service Equipment  Planning. 
Implement Restaurant Metrics®, manage monthly RM reporting. 

Sabai Sabai Thai Restaurant
Commissary Kitchen Concept Development, Schematic Design, Design Development,
Implement Restaurant Metrics®, manage monthly RM reporting. 

Hart House U of T 

Operational Restructure of Culinary Services. Implement Restaurant Metrics® for Gallery Grill Restaurant and M&E Catering.

The Arbor Room: Facility Assessment, Concept Development, Schematic Design

Design Development, Food Service Equipment Planning. Facilitate external food service operator agreements. 

Century City Market Food Hall, Vancouver B.C.

Concept Development, Culinary Programming, Design Direction, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Financial Planning. Working with Century City's culinary team, architects, and designers to oversee the culinary program vision and design strategy and operations for Century City's Market Food Hall and Grocery Bar. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 1.55.01 PM.png

Trinity College U of T

Culinary Concept, Culinary Programming, Design Direction, Site Planning, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Food Service Planning. Work in collaboration with Trinty culinary team, and architects/designers to oversee the culinary program vision and design strategy, for the new Trinity College Lawson Centre.

Dog & Bear Bar
Concept Development, Schematic, Design, Design Development,
Implement Restaurant Metrics®, and manage monthly RM reporting. 

Black Bird Bakery 
Product analysis, review of operational systems and menu costing. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 4.01.37 PM.png

Anne Boleyn Bar 
Concept Development, Schematic Design, Design Development, Food Service Equipment Planning.  

Substance Food Group
Terra, Francobollo, Sarpa, Rusty's 
Analysis of operational systems, implement and manage Restaurant Metrics®, and manage monthly RM reporting. 

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